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Context: General

Current Behaviour

User Story:
  1. Client is new to Givex and received basic training
  2. Client creates ad hoc report
  3. Client gains traction in using Givex products, data grows
  4. Client still using add hoc reports
Clients are either too busy to learn new features or they are not aware of it
Certain features also require extra step (requiring IS to set it up for them)

Suggested Change

PHASE 1 - Low hanging fruits

Provide a set of features that can be enabled with minimal effort to setup
  1. ​Scheduled Reports (chat with Brian 11Aug2023)
  2.  Out of Stock Notification (chat with Nat 11Aug2023)
PHASE 2 - Canned setup by IS ('Fast food' approach')
IS team creates a feature set that enables x-features to generate data for a niche report (clients like to see "data" "figures" "progress")