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Certificate Search

Details the transaction history of the selected certificate and displays the date of the transaction, transaction ID, serial number, transaction type, transaction user, the expiry date of the certificate and the transacting amount.

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GivexAi Usage - Detailed Report (Internal)

March 1, 2024 - March 31 2024

Date Person Question Answer Feedback Relevant Source Documents
March 03, 2024 graham What if I want to change several items at the same time To modify the pricing for multiple items simultaneously in GivexPOS, you can use the 'Edit Multiple..."   [More...]n/an/a GivexPOS_Menu___Store_Management_Manual.pdf, Page 58
March 06, 2024 sasad How do I refund a manual reload to a gift card? To issue a refund on a manually reloaded Givex gift card, you would typically follow a process simil...  [More...]Accuratet 22.1.1_July_Release_notes_date_change.pdf, Pages 10-11